If you are tired of the habits, ruts, and routines that are leading you nowhere, let Brian E. Miller be your guide to a richer, more fulfilling way of being.
— New York Times Best-Selling Author Larry Dossey, MD

One-on-One coaching Sessions

One-on-one coaching is invaluable when it comes to reprogramming the mind, setting up a meditation practice, and doing the inner work that counts. Having Brian as your coach will skyrocket your progress and set you up for success.

Brian’s intuitive approach and years of experience as a practitioner and teacher infuse these sessions.

Meditation Instruction and Coaching

 A consistent practice is key to a fruitful meditation, but addressing why you don’t meditate or have trouble meditating is crucial. With Brian’s help, you will recondition your mind to want to meditate, discuss the practices that would be best suited for you, and learn how you can use meditation to navigate specific life situations. Set up a home practice today with Brian’s guidance.


Overcome beliefs that are holding you back

Many people experience ongoing issues that cause them suffering. Whether it’s a goal you are having trouble achieving, a relationship you wish to foster, or a habit you want to change, these sessions can be invaluable to give you direction. First Brian pinpoints the beliefs that may be holding you back from expressing your greatest self in the world. Next you will learn how to use meditation and other techniques to reprogram your beliefs to be empowering.


One-on-One Coaching is designed to make you of the greatest benefit to the world by uprooting patterns that no longer serve you or others.

One Hour, One-on-One Online Session rate: $100

(We meet on Zoom, Skype, FaceTime or other online media such as Google Hangout)

One Hour, One-on-One in person session rate: $150 (This depends on proximity of both you and Brian)

Group instruction (four or more people):. Inquire about rates by clicking “Set Up A Session” button below

Packages also available at discounted rates after initial session. Please inquire below.