One More Chance

On a snowy Christmas Eve, successful business executive John Meyers makes his way back to his homestead on Long Island from his office in Manhattan. Upon arrival, his family is all out shopping and being merry. This particular Christmas Eve will be one that changes the perspective of John’s life forever. Entering his house and putting on some Christmas music, he grabs his chest and falls to the floor as a heart attack flashes his life before his eyes: all of his successes, all his accomplishments. But what was it all for? he thinks as his heart stops, his conscious mind drifting away.

John embarks on a fantastic journey through his past, where he is brought back to events and circumstances that led him to where he is today.When he meets a strange old man who guides him through this dreamlike world of yesterday, he is able to witness and partake in all of the choices he had made in his life, from his innocent and nostalgic childhood up to his current adult life. Not knowing if he is dead or dreaming, he wonders if he will be able to change the circumstances of his life or just remain a hostage witness to all he has created. We follow John along a journey of joy and sorrow, forgiveness and regret, as he tries to make sense of it all.


“Brian has a way of weaving important metaphysical principles into a story that holds your attention…even if you’re not quite certain where the story is going. In fact, not knowing where it was going, at first, is one of the reasons “One More Chance” captured and held my attention. Brian’s story-telling skills and eloquence with language are evident in a tale that may remind you a bit of Dickens’ Christmas Carol, though this tale reveals the struggles taking place globally and individually in the world today.” 

~Beverly Nadler author of “Vibrational Harmony”

“Brian E. Miller is a natural storyteller, he makes it easy to float down the river of the journey he's taking you on.  And in One More Chance, the water is deceptively deep.  Dive in and take a swim, you won't be sorry.”

~ International bestselling author David Henry Sterry, author of Chicken and Mort Morte

"If you like Scrooge and his Ghosts in A Christmas Carol; George Bailey and Clarence the angel in "It's a Wonderful Life," then you'll enjoy meeting John Meyers and his Old Man in "One More Chance."

~John Hanc, author of the award-winning memoirs "Not Dead Yet" (with Phil Southerland) and "The Coolest Race on Earth."

“This is the story of one man’s journey of ego transcendence, lessons he learns by being forced to review his history of psychological formation, a journey that brings him freedom."

~James Powell author of "Slow Love: A Polynesian Pillow Book"