Meditation Clinic

Science has proven the enormous benefits that a daily practice can have on your life; less stress and anxiety, greater composure, better focus, more peace, a deeper connection to others and the universe as well as a myriad of other amazing benefits. 

In this clinic you will learn what meditation is, and what it is not, and how you can develop your own practice at home. A consistent practice is key to a fruitful meditation, but removing the blocks to why you don’t meditate or have trouble meditating is crucial. In this workshop, you will recondition your mind to want to sit and practice, as well as find the practices that are most suited for you.

For thousands of years, masters have taught meditation as a way to profoundly alter the experience of life. Come demystify the practice of meditation and leave with practical and clear-cut instructions on how you can incorporate a mindfulness meditation practice into your life.

You don’t have to become a master in order to reap the rewards of meditation, in fact anyone can acquire the skills to meditate no matter how busy their life or mind.